There was a time when folks weren’t in such a rush. Those were the times you’d see all shapes and sizes of meats and other foods hanging in the smoke houses, filling the air with wisps of sweeting smelling flavors. That’s how we still do it today at The Brick Store! We carefully tend the fire using maple wood to give it two full days of smoking in that wonderful maple aroma in our original Smoke House.

Smoke House Specialties

Smoked Bacon

Extra Lean and tasty, sliced thick – the old fashioned way. Freezes well; comes vacuum packed. 


Smoked Pepperoni

This is the best snack going! Eat it plain or slice it onto a pizza! 

Smoked Canadian Bacon

It’s all lean and cooks in seconds in a sizzling fry pan. Truly Outstanding! Try it cooked over an open fire while camping. Freezes well; vacuum packed. 

Smoked Summer Sausage

Our newest product from the smokehouse! A less spicy alternative to our smoked pepperoni. 

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Smoked Cheddar Cheese

A fine snack or appetizer – always a special treat! It’s a bit dryer than the regular cheddar.