A Rich History Over 200 Years

The Brick Store | 1790s

On the National Register of Historic Places, The Brick Store is the Oldest Continuously Operated General Store in the United States. What makes this place so unique is the rich history held within the walls. It has been in business since the early 1790’s and previously served as a post office for the town of Bath until 1942, some of the original post office boxes still remain in the store! The store is a gathering place for locals and a popular presidential campaign stop. Barack Obama visited the store on May 28, 2007 with his family ordering sandwiches and sampling our delicious fudge.

Throughout the 1800’s to the present The Brick Store has continuously operated as a general merchandise store. The two large rooms (offices) upstairs have housed lawyer’s offices, millinery shop and a press. The late singer Patti Page, who lived part of the year in Bath, sold bottles of maple syrup at the store that played one of her songs when you uncapped the bottle!

Fresh Deli
The Brick Store | 2017

In 2017, the new owners who worked hard restoring and bringing the store back to its former glory. They cleaned up old cash registers, displayed historic photos of the store over the years and installed lighting and shelves to better reflect the time period of the store. The Brick Store hosts an ice cream shop, At The Hop, and is especially well-known for its smoked cheese and smoked pepperoni, as well as its famous fudge!

Today The Brick Store boasts the same old cash registers and a “hoop” variety counter with angled upright sides to allow hoop-skirted women better access to the merchandise. On the outside brick walls you can still see the old painted signs advertising Morrison’s English Liniment and Lady Poor’s Ointment. There are beautiful photographs displayed throughout the store which showcase its rich heritage and famous visitors.

Ice Cream at the Shoppe